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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bad Accident Experience

SWEAR IT, do not ever drive a car or motor while do it something else. Like call someone, short messages, or your focus is not on the road.

Last month, when I drive back to my home, I saw two motor cycles crashed each other. One of them did not wear a helmet. Then I walked close to accident scene, see what happened. The Guy, who did not wear helmet, drove his motor with smoking. The other victim was A Woman with his child, they wear helmet and drive slowly. The Guy get ANGRY and just RAN AWAY left the scene. Her child got broken arm.

Have you experienced with anything like that, like: hit-run or throw the responsibility. You need an attorney to help you. I found that will give you solution for your problem. Not only solve auto accident, but medical accident, work accident, fall down accident, recreational accident, and many more. They will help you with the best attorney to find JUSTICE.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

December Issues

Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) delisting 11 issuer stocks in 2009. Like :

1. PT Jaka Inti Realtindo Tbk (JAKA)

2. PT Apexindo Pratama Duta Tbk (APEX)

3. PT Bukaka Teknik Utama Tbk (BUKK)

4. PT Courts Indonesia Tbk (MACO)

5. PT Jasa Angkasa Semesta Tbk (JASS)

6. PT Sara Lee Body Care Indonesia Tbk (PROD)

7. PT Sekar Bumi Tbk (SKBM)

8. PT Singleterra Tbk(SING)

9. PT Tunas Alfin Tbk (TALFA-TALFB)

10. PT Daya Sakti Unggul Corporindo Tbk (DSUC)

11. PT Infoasia Tbk (IATG).

Most of them faced financial problems and then they bankrupt. There are also companies whose shares are closed for the public and go private.

Research done by JP Morgan Securities Indonesia said that BUMI (PT Bumi Resources tbk) price should be 4000 per lot. If Bumi exposed tax problem, it’s price just down to 3500. The new target price determined based on the projected price of coal in 2010 at the level of U.S. $ 80 per ton. That can increase Bumi income next year at U.S. $ 4639 billion.

Buy BUMI for longterm is not good and bad choice, just ordinary. My suggestion choose PTBA or ITMG, if BUMI can reach twice than it’s price now, so they will be. They have good fundamental and management.

But all it’s UP TO YOU.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Online Casino is very Exciting Game

In holiday, if you are confused for doing something try something new and exciting. I always play online casino games in my spare time. In my country many person play casino and gambling, but they do not know how to play it online. They think it’s boring, but after I tried it, it is very amazing. Play it for pleasure and fun.

Many people in this era think that play gambling games can spend all the money that they have, but they always want to play it. If you want to play it, you not need to go to Las Vegas or Macau. Just play it online. It looks like the REAL THING in casino or gambling place. Many games in there like poker, blackjack, roulette, slots, crap, baccarat, etc. You can get real money if you win.

Online Casino Spotlight that accept real money players from the United States. A comprehensive online casinos portal specializing in USA online casinos, but also features multi language casinos, no deposit casinos, free casino games, and much more. Wherever you are able to participate in it.

As leaders in the Online Casino industry for many years, they have played for real money at online casinos more than any other online casinos. After many years plus of gaming experience, they know what makes a superb real money online gambling - trust, excitement and customer dedication. They have the most up to date casino games, information, reviews, rules, and rating. It will give you bonus money if you play it well.

On that page they will help you with your search for the best
online casino gambling for real money. their reviews of the best real money online casino are available to you to read and it is written by experts and dedicated customer.

When I search into the internet, enters forum discussion that Online Casino Spotlight will serve you the best. Not only reviews but the real explanation about its game. If you are amateur must try this online gambling, because they teach you step by step how to play.

How to play Online Casino Spotlight games, first you must download it first on your computer, install it, and start playing. Or you can play instantly through web browser, not need to install on computer. It can help you to know and get the bonuses that you get from each online casino game. You will be able to win bigger bonus with on this website. You only need to spend your spare time or holiday time here and get your chance to play online gambling game in good and reliable service.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Monday(21 December 09), IHSG (Indonesia stock exchange) drop 79 point (3.08%) worst all over the world. And now at Thursday (22 December 09) it rising 36 point(1,49%) to level 2.467,637. LQ45 Index rise 7.923 points (1.65%) now at 486.348. Mining stock index rose highest then the other sector now at 34.559 point. Today (22 December 09) IHSG rising highest in Asia.

CHECK RED TEXT ABOVE, that’s indicate IHSG IS THE MOST VOLATILE STOCK EXCHANGE IN ASIA. Or I can say now still don’t know to go UP or DOWN. Be careful just play fast and do not throw all your money into this kind of market condition.

My suggestion choose mining sector. Whyyy??? Until this month mining sector is still a champion in trade transactions in the Indonesian capital market, with 39% of contribution. PT Adaro Energy Tbk (ADRO), PT United Tractors Tbk (UNTR), PT Tambang Batubara Bukit Asam Tbk (PTBA) choose that stocks.

As many as 2/3 of the total capital market investors until now is dominated by foreign investors.

Last things you must know, do not buy Bakrie’s company like BUMI, UNSP, ENRG, DEWA. These kind of stock do not have strong fundamental and the velocity of money come from bank loan. Now Bakrie can not pay tax as big as 2,1 billion rupiah.

Find LQ45 company the best one for investment like : AALI, ASII, UNTR, PTBA, ITMG, INCO

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Gambling TAX

One of the best businesses to make money is to build Casino place or gambling place. Why many countries allow the establishment of a gamble place? Because the gambling place give many income for the government like TAX. It is regulated by law.

In United States of America, every casino places pay a tax and the winner must pay tax too. This situation is different in Canada, the winner not pay tax, just the casino place. These differences can happen in the other countries too. If you are Canadian or form other countries and want to play gambling in USA, please use casino tax refunds company for safety. Actually find one that can set his tax payment like Casino Tax Rebate.

Casino Tax Rebate will help you to manage your gambling tax wherever you live. If you are winning, they will cut your winning prize with gambling winnings tax, and if you lose they will give gambling tax back to you.

Example, if you walked away with $10,000 in winnings, you will pay tax. If those winnings followed $20,000 in losses, you would get the tax back that you paid since your first win.

Casino Tax Rebate gives you simple and easy services just play your game, it will manage your tax. It has an IRS authorized Certifying Acceptance Agent so it is real not fake or illegal company. Need more information contact 1-800-959-3387.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

BAD political condition = BAD IHSG

Indonesia stock exchange now in stagnant shape. Three tops formed at price 2524. Looks like that price is STRONG RESISTANCE. Sees how the volume of transaction getting low and lower. Many analyst says that I happen because political condition in Indonesia not good. Scandal of BANK century drag finance minister and vice president of Indonesia to take responsibility of that problem. Many foreign investor does not trust the political condition, so they took their money back.

Because formed three tops, if candlestick move below price 2392, it could be dangerous, sell all YOUR STOCK.

Technical condition show SIDEWAYS:

-Three Tops strong resistant 2525

-Relative Strength Index still Above 50%

-Momentum still going UP

-Moving Average 30, 40, 60 days move FLAT

-Bollinger band move FLAT

My suggestion PLAY FAST and CHOOSE LQ45 STOCK FOR DAY TRADE!!! Like:

-PGAS 3900-3975

-BBCA 4800-4850

-INDF 3200-3250

-SMCB 1520-1550

Do not put all your money okey??? Just half of it!! CUU AND HAPPY TRADING.

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Playing WAR Game

Do you like fun and exciting game? If you say YES, try paint ball game. Paint ball is a war simulation game using paint bullets (uses a paint gun). Type of paint ball game is: Defense and attack, capture the flag of your opponent, release the hostage, etc.

You are pleased with the scenes of combat, can channel the hobby is playing paint ball. One of my favorite locations is Pujon Malang (Indonesia East Java). That place provides paintball, outbound and rafting facility. I became a fan of paint ball since 3 years ago. Sometimes on holiday I play with my friend. WUUUUIITTTS Its very-very exciting game, like a real war, but it is safe. MUST TRY IT!!!

If you want to play paintball you need some equipment like paintball gun, paintball masks, protective vast, paintball ink, etc. if you difficult to get equipment, and want to have it for your own, try check this site sells a lot of paint ball tool. Tools like: mini gun, pistol, sniper, best paintball mask, ink, best tactical vest, casual apparel, air soft guns, etc. The price and the type of offer are very diverse. Below there are examples picture of spider victor type:

Spider Victor

Benefits from playing paint ball are Improve team work collaboration, morale booster, stress reliever. Play with our family member or your working partner and you will be HAPPY.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Symmetrical Triangle

Symmetrical Triangle pattern in stock market formed when a stocks price vacillating up and down and covering towards a single point. Its back and forth oscillations will become smaller until the stock reach critical price, breaks out of the pattern, and moves drastically up or down. When investors are unsure of stocks value, The symmetrical triangle formed.

If jump UP, stock market will become BULLISH. If jump DOWN, stock market will become BEARISH.

To form Symmetrical Triangle pattern, draw two lines. First from top or high prices, second from bottom or low prices. That should form a triangle, where the peak is in the right side!!

Symmetrical Trangle

Watch for :

1.Sideways movement before breakout. Break up=BULL. Break down=BEAR!

2.Watch The Volume, the greater the volume the greater certainty of successful!

3.You can sell or buy when it reaches 3 / 4 of the way from break point.

As with all patterns, knowing when to get out is as important as knowing when to get in. Your

target price is the safest time to sell, even if it looks like the trend may be continuing.

For symmetrical triangles, sell your stock at a target price of:

1.Entry price plus the pattern’s height for an upward breakout.

2. Entry price minus the pattern's height for a downward breakout

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Donation for Charity

In this ERA more and more people live suffer. In 2009 the world economy experiencing the worst crisis since the world war two. Many people all around the world lost their homes, cars, jobs, companies, and even his own life. These events not only affect poor people but also rich people. Many of our brothers and sisters need our help to survive. If you have something more please share with other people. One day GOD will give even more what we give to our friend.

In the era of millennium, donations not only in the form of money or food, but it can be donate a car, house, furniture, boat, and other things that can help suffer people. When I browsing the internet to find about donate company, I see that is the suitable one for donate something. is one of the companies that provide assistance to channel donations. These donations not form of money but cars, boat, and house. How this kind of donation can help people? You car can be used for ambulance or family that did not have a car but very need it to take children to school and for work. Repaired ship can be used for transporting food and medicine material for people in remote areas. Material in your old house can be used to build a new small house in areas that hit by natural disaster.

With You can donate your car wherever you live in United States of America. It will provide convenience for anyone who will donate, just call and make a deal, then they will take care and mange your donation. Easy right! Much type you can choose for donation like: donate car California, donate a car Los Angeles, donate truck, donate aircraft, donate construction equipment, donate boat, etc.

I tell you this company is not commercial and not take any advantage, this all for CHARITY. If you need more information call (888)-228-7320.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Technical Analysis analyzing come from what?

Since we would all have the same completely logical expectations, prices would only change when quarterly reports or relevant news was released, like politic issue, unemployment news, annual report, demand, and etc. Investors would seek "overlooked" fundamental data in an effort to find undervalued prices. This theory concludes that it is impossible to forecast prices, since prices already reflect everything. That the future can be found in the past

If prices are based on investor expectations, then knowing what a security should sell for (i.e., fundamental analysis) becomes less important than knowing what other investors expect it to sell for. That's not to say that knowing what a security should sell for isn't important--it is. But there is usually a fairly strong consensus of a stock's future earnings that the average investor cannot disprove.

Technical analysis is the process of analyzing a historical prices in an effort to determine probable future prices. This is done by comparing current price action (i.e., current expectations) with comparable historical price action to predict a reasonable outcome. The devout technician might define this process as the fact that history repeats itself while others would suffice to say that we should learn from the past. The roulette wheel In my experience, only a minority of technicians can consistently and accurately determine future prices. However, even if you are unable to accurately forecast prices, technical analysis can be used to consistently reduce your risks and improve your profits.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to know what a price will be in the future to make money. Your goal should simply be to making profitable trades. Even if your analysis is as simple as determining the long-, intermediate-, and short-term trends, you will have gained an edge that you would not have without technical analysis. While the company may have great earnings prospects and fundamentals, it just doesn't make sense to buy this stock until there is some technical analysis evidence in the price that trend is changing.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Buy BUMI or NOT????

What share that is good to buy in December 2009?? Indonesia Stock Exchange (IHSG) getting more volatile or unstable. Bakrie group which RULE IHSG in 2007 – 2009, now it does not happen again. In 2007 BUMI (Bumi Resources Tbk) became pioneer stock market rise, but in this December or last months it still stuck in the low level.

What will you do NOW?? BUY it again n hope it will rise in 2010?? Because many people say it’s cheap!! Cheap can go cheaper, HIGH can go HIGHER. AS I SAID THERE IS NOW LOW OR HIGH in stock market, only GOOD PRICE or BAD PRICE.

GOOD PRICE. Do not care even if the price of the purchased on HIGH level or LOW level but the price going UP after you buy it. Good analysis.

BAD PRICE. Do not care even if the price of the purchased on HIGH level or LOW level but the price going DOWN after you buy it. Need study again.

Many friends of mine asked me like this “is BUMI still worth to buy or not?? ” As I said for a short term is still good but not buy in the middle of political mess. Compared with the other stock in the same sector (COAL), BUMI now in LOW LEVEL and the other like ITMG and PTBA in HIGH LEVEL. Looks pictures below:

Many person when see this picture they think like this. PTBA and ITMG had returned to above price, and BUMI had not, so I will buy BUMI and hope it will go to 8000 point. That is wrong decision, there must be something wrong with BUMI fundamental, if it leader of IHSG so it must reach 8000 now, but it don’t.

My suggestion buys BUMI but not wait till 800 point to sell, play save and just sell it when it reach 3500 point. THE LAST DO NOT CHOOSE ANY STOCK LIKE THIS FOR LONG TERM!!

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Refinance Your Mortgage Problem

In 2008 The World Economy devastated by one problem, that is MORTGAGES. Mortgage is credit package that intended to people who want to buy new house or apartment. It could say mortgage is credit for underprivileged in all over the country. Because bad mortgage happen in United States of America, world economy fell into recession.

Why everyone need mortgage? We asked about supply and demand in here, many people in this world wants to have bigger house or comfortable one. Those who don’t not have big savings and salary can not buy a HOME with cash payment. They always need mortgage company or bank to help them. But how to find a good mortgage company, since many fraud happen in 2008. You can try visit

FHA Home Loans has been operated since 1967. They helped many people in the home loan. Many benefits that will you get when working with them, like:

-FHA Loans offer simple requirement, simple method and process

-Manage or refinance your old mortgage problem, with the good advisor and company. You do not have to be confused and think to much. Just enjoy your new house.

-Provide credit loan from various prices.

-Will be given the ease of payment and low rate.

-Many more

FHA Loan will give you special rate if you offer now. If you need more information contact here 1-888-367-6506. FHA Mortgage BANK will help and solve your mortgage problem.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

How to collect Debts???

Have you had difficulty in collecting debts, individual or corporate? Every times ask wisely, they always make unfulfilled promises. Because of panic you using a debt collection service, but failed again. So what would be done to take care this DEBT problem?? Using Police, attorney, BIGGER debt collector, or scarier people???

Bad debt charge is easy bother. If the treatment is wrong, you might not get your money back even lost good relationship with costumers or company. However you are entitled to get money back, and perform billing efforts should be done. If your patience is runny out try check this

Stevens & Ricci gives you new evolution and ways to solve your problem. This company has Many good Collection Attorneys, that will serve you and collect debt with save and easy. Not only help individual but also companies. It has high accuracy in recover client DEBT. It is about 72% recovery rate, better than any other Debt Collection Attorneys.

Stevens & Ricci company have experience of more than 10 years in this business. It has world class economy management that can help your company economy problem and recover client money. Do not use violence and excessive legal action because it would spend lot of money. You should make report and asked Debt Collection Attorneys. If need further information call 888-722-1611.

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United States Economy less stable!!

United States, The process of recovery in the United State is showing that less stable, it reference with the labor and unemployment condition. This condition is unfinished business from US government, so with this problem are still open the possibility for the US economy. This news come from THE FED.

So far the economy recession in US have caused 7,3 million people getting unemployment. Unemployment rate reach 10,2% in October. And its still increase till 11% next year although US economy in recovery phase. This data came from US labor department.

Indonesia (3 December 2009), Bank of Indonesia decided to keep its interest BI rate at level 6.5% at the end of 2009. Indonesia’s economy in 2009 showed that resistance was strong enough to face the global economic crisis. Bank Indonesia estimate that in 2009 economy would grow by 4,3%. In 2010 grow would grow 5%.

Capital market supervisory and financial institution or Badan pengawasan pasar modal dan lembaga keuangan (Bapenpam-LK) immediately issued a rule that loosened limits the maximum issuance of new shares (Rights issue) without Right Preemptive or Hak Memesan Efek terlebih dahulu (HMETD) that new rule will give facilities for company which throw its share to the public through stock market.

Bapenpam will release new rule that contain new long investment contract, to reduce disputes between investors and investment intermediaries. With the new rules, Bapenpam has the authority to cancel an investment contract if it does not meet the specified standards.

I sold my stock because the political situation is not in good condition, like what I mentioned ABOVE.

MY MONEY NOW RP 9.592.035

ANTM 10 lots at price 2350.

10 Lots at price 2400=10 x 500 x 2400 = 12.000.000 + (0.004 X 12.000.000)= 11.952.000


MY MONEY NOW RP 21.544.035

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Best Online Casino

Everyone in this world think that play Casino games can spend all the money we have. but everyone enjoy playing casino. Am I right??? You don’t have to waste your money or go to Las Vegas, Macao, or other gambling place to play that games, because you can play it online. Play it online such as playing in the real Casino Place. Many games are there and you certainly will not be bored. Play it in your spare time and you can get a lot of money.

When I try a lot of online casino games on the internet, I find that offers the most suitable, enjoyable, and complete detail on variety of casino games. It is The Best casinos online games. It accept all player around the world, easy to download, have good sound and like the real thing. and it gives you many Dollar as bonus. Try it now and you never feel sorry.

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Monday, November 30, 2009


European union economy bounce back with the recovery signal based on data from EUROSTAT (November 09). This condition indicated by increasing The annual inflation that reached 0.6% on November. This exceeds the analyst estimate that the annual inflation exceeds 0.5%. it will give a good impact for the European economy.

Dubai, concern in credit crunch will affect the economic conditions of other countries and uncertainty of how much exposure of U.S banks in Dubai. Dubai world’s debt isn’t guaranteed by the government. More news here

U.S stock index will still positive with optimistic about holiday sales season on December.

Indonesia, with the problem of CENTURY Bank will bring a number of government officials into court. Finance minister Sri Mulyani and Vice president Boediono will be guided by some politic parties to resign from his or her position. This problem is also related to the diversion of funds by Century Bank. One billion rupiah ran on the hands of partai Demokrat which carried Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as President. This BAD NEWS can be BAD to invite foreign investors.

MY suggestion dont put all your money at IHSG(Indonesia stock exchange)!! At least 50% you hold.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

How to Claim your blog in Technorati

One of the ways that can help to improve your page rank blog is register your blog into Technocrati. After you open an account, register your website or blog. After two days Technocrati will give you an email. Inside that email there is an unique token code. Token code number like 8RVZ3PYVUTJJ. After that create post in your blog that show your own token number. Just like this post.

After post, Claim your blog at There under you’re your blog snapshot there is a button call “check claim”, press that button. And Technocrati will verify it. If error they will show something like this one “Nov 27, 2009. We could not find the claim token EQ8UTB6JZMSY in any posts in your feed. Please make sure that you have entered it correctly in a post body and that the token appears in the feed whose URL you have given us. Once you are sure we should be able to find the claim token, use "Update Site Feed URL" so that we can check again.”

If they receive claim your blog, they will verify.

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Technocrati claim token

One of the ways that can help to improve your page rank blog is register your blog into Technocrati. After you open an account, register your website or blog. After two days Technocrati will give you an email. Inside that email there is an unique token code. Token code number like EQ8UTB6JZMSY. After that create post in your blog that show your own token number. Just like this post.

After post, Claim your blog at There under you’re your blog snapshot there is a button call “check claim”, press that button. And Technocrati will verify it.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Modify your CAR


Do you like the picture above? Do you like modifying a car? At this time there is nothing wrong to change the look of your standard car be more attractive. There are three side to modify a car, Interior , exterior, and engine. The interior consists of steering wheels, audio, hitch, pedal shift, GPS, speedometer, leather, chair, etc. The exterior side like spoiler, lamp, hood, wing, color, bull guard, wheels. The last thing is the ENGINE SIDE, usually they are not satisfied with the standard cars ability, so they need more power and speed. Like : Turbo, exhaust, air intake, engine.

If you like modifying cars, but was afraid because things are not good-made quality. Try buy from this site They will guide you how modify your car, whatever your car or your brand. They sold more than 40 brand’s accessories car like Honda accessories, Aston martin accessories, Volkswagen accessories, BMW accessories, Mercedes accessories, etc.

When you buy they will serve you with good service and delivery. The price of the displayed goods affordable. Goods are sold from the famous brand that can be guaranteed quality. If you need more information and question please email Below is a sample picture of the goods sold.



honda accord spoiler

Spoilers and Wing

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Suggested stock 23 november untill 26 november

!!!For Indonesia stock exchange ONLYY!!!

What is good stock to buy in the SIDEWAYS TREND??


-Fast Day Trade, Buy 2350 Sell 2400/2425

-Long trade, first buy 2350, second buy 2425. Sell 2700.


- Fast trade. Buy 1960. Sell 2000

-Long Trade. First buy 2020, second 2050.


-Fast trade. Buy 2350. Sell 2425

-there is no long trade because stock is on the TOP.


-Buy it when reach MA30, 2600-2650 point. Sell 3000 next 3300. Cut loss at 2500.


-If back into MA30, BUY it (770 point). Sell 880.

INCO not recommended to buy

-already in DOWN TREND you must sell, and change into the other good stock.

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Dow bull but IHSG still side

Dow Jones Industrial chart

Check here

I told you before that Dow will from small Bear, it already happened. How I predict it?? It is very simple. -Look A line, when candlestick reach that line, always back down. A line it’s a good and strong resistance.

-Look B circle MACD (Technical line), distance between red line and blue line already wide, need to get closer again.

Now candlestick moved down into moving average 30 days. BUY when reach MA30, and set sell stop 5% below it.

Technical condition show BULLISH, why:

-Relative strength index still above 50% line

-Momentum 200 days also above momentum MA 200days.

-All moving average move up UP UP.


How about IHSG (Indonesia Stock Exchange):

IHSG chart

-Relative Strength index POOR


-All Moving Average 30, 40, 60 days, even Bollinger band show SIDEWAYS position.

-Only momentum 200days indicate bull trend.

Conclusion, IHSG still slow BULL in annual period because momentum 200days show that. But in monthly period still SIDEWAYS.

My suggestion buy but not will all your money, buy 50% and spend 50% again when IHSG move above 2530 point (BIG RESISTANCE).

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Special and Private Gift

Is your marriage in trouble? Or need more color in it. Anticipatory give something personal to your partner, something private to increase your relationship.

You should try to buy Gown, babydoll or Corsets & Bustiers show your love sign. Furthermore, the best investment in the activities you and your partner have loved. He's going to appreciate your efforts, even if it will not 100 percent fit for him. So, provide free time and do your best.

Tips for you, choose the most comfortable one. There are a variety of lingerie materials, such as lace, satin, silk, cotton, leather, Lycra and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Lace and satin ads a feminine, while more fit cotton clothing to bed every day. So choose a special accent. PVC's rather difficult to find the right size, because these materials tend to be inflexible. Lycra is very tight and highlight curves better. If you are not feeling comfortable, should avoid these ingredients and choose the other.

Many online shops sell that thing and one of them is Other than selling baby doll, it also sold lingerie, Gown, Political t-shirt, Christmas’s cloth, garter sets, etc. If you want to surprise your wife or husband there is no harm in trying. You can subscribe and get tip how to buy and choose the suitable one. Price of goods sold was affordable. It has new and up to date model and follow the current trends. Buy it and make your marriage partner happy.

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Forex Introduction

Every day I do stock exchange transaction; there is nothing wrong if we try to learn FOREX. Forex (Foreign Exchange) is a type of transaction that buy and sell country’s currency against other currencies. It is an investment product that its nature liquid and international product (Can trade anywhere anyplace).

The velocity of money that happens in the forex market reach U.S $trillion per day. Forex has greater velocity when compared to other futures exchange like any commodity or stock market in every country anywhere in the world. Then from where I get benefit from this investment? Simple, the benefit of this investment from the difference in value when we buy and sell the currency.

I am warning you that, Forex more dangerous than stock exchange. Money can be lost just one second and need more money to play this. Seriously you need guide on forex trading. Forex trading has several advantages spare with the other financial product such as stock exchange or gold, like:

-Very liquid product, many dealer, broker, bank, company, and government play in forex market.

-Can trade 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, wherever we are.

-Very low transaction cost.

-Has two potential advantages (Up or down).

-You can trade more than your money you own with margin.

When I read Forex secrets for traders. There are some things must be considered. You must be discipline and do not bet all your money in this investment. Manage your financial is the most important thing. It can be your guide and giving you tips to play forex. More secret will give if you subscribe. Learn the basic of Forex before you lost money. If you want to know more about forex guide check HAPPY TRADING.

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Happy Mutual Family

In the present life can be separated from credit and health insurance. That both things support us to have good life mutual family (Mutuelle Familiale) life. But how we can manage it well.

In the middle of past faced life, the more common course of life with credit or debt. Easier you may owe, more “modern” your life. Look in modern country like America or European country, people there frequently asked credit and loan. They have good house, nice brand new car, furniture, new electronic device and many more. How got that BIG NEW HOUSE? Of course many people do Real Estate loan (Pret Immobilier) or Mortgage (Crédit Immobilier). They look like rich people, but in the inside they cannot pay for house hold needs. Many of them are not careful in making credit approval. My suggestion is prioritizing the needs of households and savings, than the credit. Choose good credit institutions which are not binding.

Health insurance much useful than credit. Although the illness not always come, but there is no certainly you always will be healthy. The cost of medical treatment is very expensive. On the other hand, everyone has limitation in the ability to pay medical treatment. Health insurance is way to spare and share risk. By paying small amount of money every month, then will receive compensation for pain condition or even death. You can feel save and happy mutual family (Mutuelle Familiale).

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