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Monday, September 28, 2009

SELL Now buy later OK

NOW, Hmm my stock taking place in MY SELLING GUIDE system!!

I always sell stocks when it broke below Moving Average 30 days and Relative Strength Index reach 50% line!!

Check the picture below:

My money RP 338.585

I calculate the commission at the time of selling shares
Total commission for buy and sell stock is 0,7%

ANTM 10 lots at price 1960

TINS 8 lots at price 2050

SELL ANTM (Aneka Tambang Tbk) STOCK, 28 SEPTEMBER 09
10 Lots at price 2450=10 x 500 x 2450 = 12.250.000 – (12.250.000*0.007) = 12.164.250

8 Lots at price 2125=8 x 500 x 2125 = 8.500.000 – (8.500.000*0.007) = 8.440.500


MY MONEY NOW RP 20.943.335

MY suggestion buy again when Indonesia Composite Index reach its MOVING AVERAGE 30 DAYS!!!

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Get out from LOSS

One right plus one again and again!! To many people think that because they have a lot of money in their trading account, that let them to buy a lot of contract five or more. THIS IS BAD, you are wrong! If you just pick one at a time and get successfully, you can add one more, success add one more. Do not be greedy, that can kill you. If you lose lower your trade size!

Get out from loss quickly. You are a loser if you do not get out of the losing trade once you recognize that trade is no good. You can use technical analysis like relative strength index and moving average to help you! Or if, in your mind that the trade is no good then you can get out, and do not regret it when you are wrong, just learn from it.

What your BEST LOSS, THE FIRST ONE. Once you come to the realization that your trade is no good it. is best to exit immediately. .It is never a loser until you get out. and .Not to worry, it will come back. are often said tongue in cheek, by traders in the pit. Once the phrase is stated, it is an affirmation that the trader realizes that the trade is no good, it is not coming back and it is time to exit.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009


Always lower your trade size, when you are trading poorly. All good traders follow this rule. Why continue to lose on five lots (contracts) per trade when you could save yourself a lot of money by lowering your trade size down to a one lot on your next trade? If I have two losing trades in a row, I always lower my trade size down to a one lot. If my next two trades are profitable, then I move my trade size back up to my original lot size. It is like a batter in baseball who has struck out his last two times at bat. The next time up he will choke up on the bat, shorten his swing and try to make contact. Trading is the same: lower your trade size, try to make a tick or two . or even scratch the trade and then raise your trade size after two consecutive winning trades.

Never turn a WINNER into a LOSSER. We have all violated this rule. However, it should be our goal to try harder not to violate it in the future. What we are really talking about here is the greed factor. The market has rewarded you by moving in the direction of your position, however, you are not satisfied with a small winner. Thus you hold onto the trade in the hopes of a larger gain, only to watch the market turn and move against you. Of course, inevitably you now hesitate and the trade further deteriorates into a substantial loss. There is no need to be greedy. It is only one trade. You will make many more trades throughout the session and many more throughout the next trading sessions. Opportunity exists in the marketplace all of the time. Remember: No one trade should make or break your performance for the day. Do not be greedy.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Be Disciplined Every Day

You have to be disciplined in The Market. Trading with discipline will put more money in your pocket and take less money out. The one constant truth concerning that discipline = increased profit. Not claimed that you are disciplined if you are not 100 percent every day!! Being disciplined is of the utmost importance, but it.s not a sometimes thing, like claiming you quit a bad habit, such as smoking.

If you claim to quit smoking but you sneak a cigarette every once in a while, then you clearly have not quit smoking. If you trade with discipline nine out of ten trades, then you can.t claim to be a disciplined trader. It is the one undisciplined trade that will really hurt your overall performance for the day. Discipline must be practiced on every trade. When I state that .the market will reward you,. typically it is in recognizing less of a loss on a losing trade than if you were stubborn and held on too long to a bad trade. Thus, if I lose $200 on a trade, but I would have lost $1,000 if I had remained in that losing trade, I can claim that I .saved. myself $800 in additional losses by exiting the bad trade with haste.

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Three Important Thing

First, The most important type of content is internal market information (IMI). IMI simply is time and price information as disseminated by the exchanges. After all, we all make our trading decisions in the present tense based on time and price. In order to .scalp. the markets effectively, we must have the most live and up-to-date time and price information seamlessly delivered to our PCs through a reliable execution platform and/or charting package.

Without instantaneous time and price information, we would be trading in the dark.

The second spoke is mechanics. Mechanics is how you access the markets and the methodology that you employ to enter/exit your trades. You must master mechanics before you can enjoy any success as a trader. A simple keystroke error can result in a loss of thousands of dollars. A trader can ruin his entire day with an inadvertent trade entry error.

Once you have mastered order execution, though, it is like riding a bike. The process of entering and exiting trades becomes seamless and mindless. Fast and efficient trade execution, especially if you are trading with a scalping methodology, will enable you to hit a bid or take an offer before your competitors do. Remember, the fastest survive.

The third and most important spoke in the Wheel of Success is discipline. You must attain discipline if you ever hope to achieve any level of trading success. Trading discipline is practiced 100 percent of the time, every trade, every day.

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dow Jones Industrial prediction this week

After touch Moving Average 30 days (Red Line) DOW candlesticks go up again, its look like that TREND is still SIDEWAYS until break up RESISTANCE(9586.69).

Many indicators that indicate that TREND is SIDEWAYS, like :

1.Commodity Channel Index still move around zero line.

2.MACD red signal move above MACD line twice!!

3.Bollinger Band move straight, not up, not down!!

For long time still BULLISH!! But very-very slow!

1.Momentum 200 days still move above momentum ma200d!

2.Relative Strength Index still move around 50%-70%!

My prediction DOW still move below its resistance (9586.69).

If you want to buy, buy it when market close RED, and sell it tommorow!! Play fast

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Relative Strength Index

RSI (Relative Strength Index) created by J. Welles Wilder. One of The Popular momentum oscillator. RSI shows range from 0% to 100%. It only takes periods of time which used in the calculation. Welles recommends using 14 days period, but Me always use 30 days period. Smaller the time period that you use, faster your trading system as I said week trader or day trader.

Relative Strength Index has overbought and oversold line. If RSI line over 70% it calls overbought, RSI line under 30% it calls oversold. Watch if RSI line cross up 50% line its BULLISH trend, when RSI line cross down 50% line its BEARISH trend.

How to calculated Relative Strength Index? I use 30 days period. First, calculate the sum total gain price and divided by 30 it call Average gain. Second, calculate the sum total loss price and divided by 30, it call Average loss. Then divide average gain by average loss that’s RELATIVE STRENGTH INDEX. When average gain better that average loss RSI line will increase!!

Buy and Sell signal. You are day trader try to use 7 days period, when RSI line cross up 30% buy it when reach 70% sell your stock and wait till back 30% line. You are investor use 30 – 60 days period, buy stock if RSI line cross upside 50% line, sell it if cross downside 50% line!! Look Picture below:

Relative Strength Index

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