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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Today, as I said before here I buying ADRO at price 1880. Check This picture :



Relative strength Index is OK.

Moving average still move UP.

Stochastic show BUY POINT.

Only MACD still Indicate BEAR


My money now RP 21.544.025

I buy ADRO 10 lots at price 1880

ADRO =10 X 500 X 1880 = 9.400.000 + FEE BUY(0.003 X 9.400.000)= 9.428.200

My Money Rp 12.115.825

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Leave BUMI buy ADRO

IHSG slumped AGAIN n again today it going weaker 13.861 points (0.54%) to the level of 2564.554. ABSELUTELY IT IS IN THE STRONG RESISTANCE check here. Hope tomorrow will go up again.

Today I discuss mining sector. From august 09 till this January 10 mining only moves up and down. As I say sideway. Coz mining sector rule IHSG, it also sideway too.

When you look at the picture.


1.Mining candlestick now move below 2253 next is 2081 point.

2.MACD show trend now is BEAR, coz create DEAD CROSS.

3.Stochastic, reach 20% stock CAN BE REBOUNDED IN THE THE NEXT 2-3 DAYS.

Fromm my opinion Bakrie company didn’t take position as a BULL LEADER in mining sector again. BUMI resources MAY have high volume of transaction but it has little progress. When you look at price of PTBA and ITMG, in 2007-2008 they fall and now they back again in the TOP. Do not hope to much at BUMI.

New HOPE is ADRO. PT Adaro Indonesia Tbk (ADRO) target will supply 11 million tons of coal for domestic needs in 2010. Adaro is the largest major supplier of coal compared with Pt Bukit Asam, 24% coal produce from ADRO. Now it’s the time to buy that stock. And sell it next year. Leave BUMI buy ADRO.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010






So HOW about IHSG :


1.Candlestick down near moving average 30 days


3.Relative Strength Index still above 50%, but its go down.

4.Stochastic, after DEAD CROSS, than its fell down.

5.Resistance in 2565 after that 2430.

Becareful if IHSG candlestick move below 2565 sell all your stock.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010



First check Dow Jones Industrial chart that indicate BEAR TREND:

1.Three RED Soldier candlestick. Go down very fast.

2.Candlestick break DOWN its moving average 30 , 40, and 60 days just in one DAY.

3.MACD signal go down.

4.Relative Strength Index go break 50% line. RSI is one of SUPPORT line.

5.Stockhastic go down.

6.Just Momentum 200 days that indicate for long investment dow jones still in BULL position.


BANK, Five banks in Florida, Missouri, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington, lifting the total number of failures this year to nine as financial institutions struggle with loan defaults and a weak economy. The FDIC and Bond Street lost most of it asset. Bank of Leeton, Charter Bank, Evergreen Bank, and Columbia River Bank all lose it assets.

Crude oil slumped 4.9 percent to a one-month low amid speculation China. Now 74$/barrel and still go down till under 60$

Goods from China flooding the American.


27 January, FED held a meeting to determine interest rates.

This week are reports on new and existing home sales in December and January consumer confidence.

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MECU Intelligent Bank

Possible in today’s many people already know what it BANK is for. BANK is used to saving money, savings account, deposit something precious (Gold, Diamond, Important Papers, Etc) and give credit. There is something NEW, a Bank that can operate ONLINE, open 24 hours a day, and accept registration, transaction via the internet and not only serves usually banking activities.

I told by my friend who lives in Australia that MECU intelligent bank is one of those kinds. He is already member in it. Check here Usually bank only serve you only with banking activities right?? But this one serves you a lot of things like financial planning, insurance, and investment. It is not a BANK anymore but it can be call financial institution .

If you are joining, MECU will give many advantages like this:

-No account keeping fees or monthly fees.

-Open 24 hours every day for internet banking.

-There is no minimum age requirement to apply.

-Easy to transfer Between MECU account, or to the other bank all over the world.

-Easy to transaction, just download application form, fill it, scan and email it or send it via letter.

-Find your financial, investment, credit or money solution by communicate with MECU financial consultant.

MECU established 50 years ago, with main headquarter in Kew, Victoria and have asset more than $1.3 billion. Mecu has many experience to handle fund. Today more than 100.000 people and family join its program. Do not worry about security The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) ensure all activities in MECU is very safe and secure.

If you are need further information and question contact here +61 3 9853 9294 or email

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 20 th news

CHINA stock slide, enlarge the Shanghai Composite Index corrected during this week, after regulators declared a national bank's credit limit is reached and signals the government would rein in providing stimulus and rearrange the provision of credit.

INDONESIA, Coal sales volumes of PT Bumi Resources Tbk (BUMI) during the year 2009 increased about 12.81 percent. Increased sales volume was supported also by the growth of coal production company about 6.89 percent from the previous year. BUMI Coal production in 2009 : 62 million tons or 4 million ton increase from the year 2008 58 million tons.

While sales in 2009 of BUMI coal recorded at 58.1 million tons, up 6.6 million tons compared to the year 2008 as many as 51.5 million ton. Still keep increase about 10% in this year.

Indonesia car sales during 2009 decreased by 20% from 607,805 units in 2008 to 486,061 in 2009.

Thus the data received from Gaikindo Antara on Tuesday(20 january 2010). From these data appear monthly car sales during 2009 has decreased compared to the sales per month in 2008. Only the last two months of car sales in November and December 2009, which exceeded sales of cars in the same period in 2008. But overall, car sales fell 20% in 2009 compared to 2008.

In this year Astra international Tbk (ASII) make prediction that car sales in 2010 increase about 20%. This based on an increase sales from November an December 2009, which will continue to increase in 2010.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Think Positive in Stock MARKET

People always think positive in a good condition or a bad condition, is a STABLE person who truly enjoy their lives. There are 10 characteristics that describe positive people, like:
1. See problems as challenges, must face it not avoid it!
2. Enjoying their life in good or bad situation.
3. Minds open to receivesuggestions, ideas, and critics.
4. Throw away the negative thoughts or other people thought

5. Grateful and happy with that you have
6. Do not listen to gossip or rumors
8. Using positive language!
9. Using positive body language!
10. Concerned about the pride of self!

Therefore think positive in the face of all things, and you will enjoy your life. If you can think positive you can trading well in stock market!

Do not follow your emotion just trust your skill and mind! Trust me and DO IT NOW!!!

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Casino Help Collect Child Support

There are several countries in the world that casino or gambling place is allowed to established. These are country that prohibited casino place, like : United states, Macao (China), Japan, South Africa, United Kingdom, and now Singapore.

Now, Many country beginning to build legal casino place. Establishment of casino cannot be free everywhere, only in specific place. All the gambling place gathered in one area only, not spread in many area in one single area of the state. But there are set of rules and regulations that watch and manage the gaming or gambling industry.

Why big countries give opportunity to entrepreneur for built casino? Because it can give BIG TAX for government and receive a lot of labor. It can also attract foreign tourists. For the entrepreneur, casino company can give massive gain. Because of many benefits that received by The Government and Owner casino, they must give support, assistance, charity to children who live in suffer condition. Many casino in the worlds already help collect child support. The winner of gambling should cut their win prize for help child!!

Now I think that’s good idea. I hope the casinos go with that one. It would work much better right now and probably right now many children have been save with casino help. Thanks for collect child support!!

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bingo Affect The Economy

Bingo is one of the famous games in United States. In the past games such as bingo are not famous now. There are two interests in playing bingo. One, for gambling to get more bonus money beside their own fee from work that’s call gambling. Two, to spent leisure time or play just for fun.

Talk about Bingo games, it is very attractive and interactive. First it launched in 1996. Game player come from all ages between 18 till 70 years old. Now you can play all over the world, not need to come to casino place. Just play it online on website, download it program and play it. You can interact with other player through chat. People can try to gamble at online bingo because the money is used not too much and not going to spent all money, but can win bigger prize.

Bingo games have great effect in economy. Why I say like that, check this:

1. Bingo games, Bingo Company or Gabling Company even if it is just online they absorb many workers all over the world.

2. That company pays TAX for the government. From company earnings, worker tax, and player tax.

3. Bring a lot foreign exchange from tourist. They want to try the real bingo games.

4. If someone win BIG prizes, they must be spent their money for shopping. That can increase economy fluctuation.

That’s why every BIG COUNTRY such as United States, China, Singapore, etc builds Gambling Place. And now many online games emerged to support it.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Time to deposit your money in Stock Exchange Market

Perhaps you’ve been saving in a bank in the form of savings or deposits. Have you ever save your money in stock market? Many people hear that it is not saving to saving money in that type. In this millennium era saving can do the other type like stock, obligation, mutual funds, etc.

Indonesian people does not know about the concept how to saving money in stock market. Benefits that you have greater than bank’s interest or deposit interest. Bank gives you a little interest but very save, how about stock exchange?? If you have good portfolio and discipline in playing stock, risk will be reduced.

Now how to saving your money in stock exchange:


- Find Stock that has GOOD FUNDAMENTAL.

- The main capital flow not comes from BANK DEBT.

- Many Buy when the world stock fallen. And continue to purchase when still down. This can create new average price. With this way you can get more profits later.

- Be patience please. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

- WAIT; if you buy STRONG Company like TOP LEADER and GOOD fundamental, it is very SAVES.

- In Indonesia, buy LQ45 group.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010


Indonesia Stock Exchange (IHSG) gain 80 points only one week. This happen because a lot of money from foreigner got in to IHSG as big as Rp 2.329 billion. Now IHSG in level 2.614 and break strong resistance at 2535. Next target will be 2700.

Despite the negative had closed the trading day on the third and fourth, but the rush of foreign capital flows in making a purchase, pushing local investors in droves follow-up collect stock. Stock prices had suffered considerable increase, especially in stock which has LARGE CAPITALISM.

Based on trade data Indonesia Stock Exchange, Bakrie company stocks controlled the market transaction. 55 percent from all volume of transaction in IHSG controlled with BAKRIE GROUP. Such as PT Bakrie Telecom Tbk (BTEL), PT Bakrie & Brothers Tbk (BNBR) PT Bumi Resources Tbk (BUMI), PT Bakrieland Development Tbk (ELTY), PT Energi Mega Persada Tbk (ENRG).

Looks like now time for BAKRIE TO MOVE UP!!! My suggestion do not trust100 percent on Bakrie Company because they are very volatile. UP fast, DOWN FASTER than UP. Becareful if foreigner reject their money from bakrie it will fall down again. Play fast in HERE one day till one week playing. Careful your behavior can kill you in the other time.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Now NICKEL timess

Today IHSG (Indonesia Stock Exchange) stop at 2.575,413 breaking it STRONG RESISTANCE at 2.525 with average volume 2 trillion of transactions. Its very good for the first time and rupiah strengthened to a level close 9340 to the U.S. dollar.

Cause the volume that’s not good enough. Do not throw all your money, I see ANTM had opportunity to rise, why??? Check this out!!

Inco Chart

INCO price already moved UP today with strong VOLUME. INCO is a leader of Nickel Industry in Indonesia, and ANTM is the second leader of this sector. BUY IT. Check picture below ANTM candle show bullish harami, Relative Strength Index will jump out 50% line tommorow. Buy at 2300 hope it will break 2400 line. SAFE AND HAPPY TRADING!!

Aneka Tambang Chart

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 World Economy Prediction

2010 World Economy Prediction :

1. After Great Depression at 2008-2009. Financial sector (G20 Country) is expected to recover in early 2010 because helped by government funding that could melt the liquidity. For the short term, in the next several quarters the World economy will still be grappling with a decline in industry performance, weakening consumer confidence indicator, and rising unemployment. Especially in U.S.

2. Oil price keeps stable 75 to 95$. Many company still find more cheaper fuel for their industry like COAL, BioFuel, etc. This led to an increase in the price of other resources, because many request.

3. Gold price goes up slowly into 1300$-1500$, Buy this kind of investment for safety.

4. US, Europe, and Japan show an economic improvement in 2010. Will be increased about 3-4%.

5. Economy 2010 for Developing Countries in the area to be 5-6 percent growth.

6. STILL more difficult Trouble Find A Job. last unemployment data showed an increase of 8.1%. The high unemployment rate will likely slow economic improvement scheme. Especially savings and durable goods. Official reports said the unemployment rate was 10% for most of the period of 2010, but it could take up to 12% in the U.S..

7. Real Estate Prices Flat to Low. Real estate prices is expected to be on track with a flat or decline during 2010.

8. The FED rate still almost zero percent.

9. Dollar will still drop in 2010.

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Friday, January 1, 2010

SUMMARY of Stock Exchange and WORLD Economy Prediction 2009

2009 World Economy Prediction that I made at 1 January 2009 here:

1. Great Depression, worst since 1930. Many bank and BIG company got bankrupt like General motor, Ford, Citi Bank, AXA, etc. Happened large scale fraud by the financial institutions like Maddof company. Truly Happened.

2. Oil price sideways 35$ - 44$ to 60$ - 75$. Now oil price in 79$. Still Stable. Truly Happened.

3. Gold price goes up slowly into 1000$, begin in about 600$ now 1079$. It has been increased about 80%. SURELY AND SLOWLY!!!
Truly Happened.

4. US, Europe, and Japan show an economic slowdown in 2009. Truly Happened. Economy get better in the middle of year 2009. Check picture below Japan stock exchange (Nikkei 255) :

Nikkei 255

5. 2009 will be one of the worst economic periods in U.S. history. Truly Happened. That only happened in two early period than its move slowly up. Check Picture below :

Dow Jones Industrial

6. Economy 2009 for Developing Countries in the area to be 4-5 percent growth. Indonesia economy grow about 4.3 percent this year! Truly Happened.

7. More Trouble Finding or Keeping A Job in 2009. Many person till this time will be unemployment. Truly Happened.

MY Advice at first 2009 here, said that chose Mining sector as PTBA (Tambang Batubara Bukit Asam Tbk), ANTM (Aneka Tambang Tbk), TINS (Timah Tbk). Or Crude Palm Oil sector Like AALI (Astra Agro Lestari Tbk) and SGRO (Sampoerna Agro Tbk).

TINS : Price 1260 (January 2009) è Price 2000 (December 2009).

ANTM : Price 1230 (January 2009) è Price 2200 (December 2009).

PTBA : Price 7850 (January 2009) è Price 17250 (December 2009).

AALI : Price 11750 (January 2009) è Price 22750 (December 2009).

SGRO : Price 1310 (January 2009) è Price 2700 (December 2009).

They all increase more than 75% since January price. Truly Happened.

MY OWN PORTFOLIO First 2009 and Last 2009 :

In January 2009 My money Rp 10.754.940 and NOW RP 21.544.035. It was increase about 100%. I used safe middle term investing.

ALL means during the year 2009 my way to work right enough^^. HOPE IN 2010 I CAN HELP YOU AGAIN!!!! Nice and safe trading

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Breakout Principle

New highs and new lows in commodities are significant price junctures watched by both trend traders and contrarians. From a psychological perspective alone, the ability of a market to exceed a previous high or low is a powerful signal that can attract traders and cause chain-reaction buying or selling.

Obviously, for markets to establish long-term bull or bear trends, they must continue to make new highs or new lows. Breakout players and trend followers monitor market behavior at important high or low levels (for example, 20- or 50-day highs or lows) to look for evidence of emerging trends, while floor traders and swing traders also watch these levels and attempt to capitalize on false breakouts.

The theory behind breakouts new is that if a market moves to new highs or new price (or new lows), it is exhibiting the necessary great volume to establish a significant trend. The more significant the volume and more significant the market penetrates (longer terms), the more strength of the market is showing, and the bigger the resulting trend.

For example, a market exceeding the highest high of the past 10 days does not necessarily imply the inception of a major trend. By contrast, if the market exceeds its 40- or 50-day high, it's showing much greater strength and the chances of a major trend forming are more significant. (In a way, penetration of longer-term highs or lows confirms the penetration of shorter-term highs or lows.) In other words, for a bull or bear market to develop, the commodity will have to first pass through these levels first. The other level is the volume, higher the volume, better The trend line!!

"Sharp wire brushes leave your caviar looking clean"
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