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Sunday, June 27, 2010


So SORRYYY I am late to update my blog. Late to show what stock to buy, IHSG already went UP. Last week I was sick and hospitalized for a week due to illness of dengue fever and typhoid.

NOW, IHSG does not follow Dow Jones, It follows HangSeng. While Dow Jones still slumped, IHSG and Hangseng step forward!!!

Check my technical analysis on Indonesia Stock Exchange.

1.Candlestick broke UP it’s Moving Average 30 line. After experiencing a UP in few days, it try to get DOWN.

2.MACD cool down watch OUT for SELL!!

3.Momentum not in GOOD CONDITION. It indicate that not BIG UP TREND!

4.Relative Strength Index broke up 50%line.

I think IHSG would be very difficult to penetrate the STRONG RESISTANCE 2976.

Stock that you need to BUY!!

1.ADRO 1950

2.SMCB 2150


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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

World Cup Effect The Market

Like a giant magnet to absorb the entire attention of the population of planet Earth, at least for fans of sports that the majority of football, World Cup obviously divert whatever.

It is said that the United States invasion of Iraq a few years ago suddenly stopped and the two countries entered into a ceasefire agreement to witness this grand performance.

And much more nuanced same story that proves the power of this exercise in making the transfer.

No escape, the world capital market was affected follow-up. All investors know that every World Cup took place, the movement slowed down and damaged the stock market tends not excited. That applies worldwide.

Let a little opening note the stock market a few years ago. More precisely, the period of June 9 until July 9, 2006, when the last World Cup in progress.

In 2006, CSPI's position is still at 1300 levels. Average daily trading volume during the year 2006 recorded 1.805 billion shares, while the average daily transaction value amounted to USD 1.841 trillion.

In May 2006 period, average daily volume was recorded 2.925 billion shares, while the daily transaction value of USD 2.919 trillion.

In the period of June 2006, suddenly the average daily volume slumped by more than half of the 1.194 billion shares, with an average value of daily transactions amounting to Rp 1.322 trillion. This sudden decline occurred simultaneously with the 2006 World Cup performances.

In the period of July 2006, the continuing decline in line with the World Cup which began entering the final round which was finally closed on July 9, 2006. Daily average volume of JCI in July 2006 amounted to 1.029 billion shares at an average of daily transactions amounting to Rp 1.419 trillion.

In the period of August 2006, when the World Cup 2006 has ended, the market was slowly recovering. Daily average volume of JCI in July 2006 amounted to 1.715 billion shares, with average transaction value of USD 1.777 trillion daily.

The big question, where the purchasing power of money and gone so suddenly sluggish stock movement and minimal transaction every time the World Cup took place. A number of rumors, said ports for stock market

while transferring the money into international football gambling market.

True? Difficult to determine. Only experience can be used as a reference.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Check Criminal Background

Finding good employees is not a simple issue. Because this case involves the company's future. Here are some common ways that made some HRD Manager in seeking to make the employees as experts in their field

1. In collaboration with Universities (PT). The goal is to find the seeds of the direct superior of certain PT. Because it is still fresh graduate then the employee is still malleable and guided to become a good professional.

2. Recruitment with the Closed System. Recruitment with this system is usually only for certain positions only. For example the level of manager or director. System is able to use the services or the friendship Head Hunter

3. Finding any criminal background check. It is the process of finding the criminal history of an individual. You must do background check routinely before employment is offered. It is very important. Do you receive someone with a criminal background??? If do not check here

4. After the recruitment process is finished. For several months, new employees must remain monitored by a special team to address performance. If during the trial period showed that the maximum employment, new employees can certainly continue to work and become a permanent employee.

At you can perform a free search of felonies, misdemeanors, sex offenders, alcoholic, theft in the United States. It is fast and comprehensive and easy to use. Just fill the name, birth date or social number. Check now before its too late.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Maybe, now everyone or all my friend ask me. Why Indonesia Stock Exchange do not going UP and UP again. First, although the economic situation in Indonesia is in good condition, the situation in other countries are not the same. Second IHSG is not The Market Leader in the world, it follow Dow Jones or HangSeng. Third, after Greece fall in crisis now Hungary fell too. Do not expect IHSG will go up alone if the other still in SIDEWAYS.

IHSG Technical Condition :

1.DEAD CROSS happened

2.Momentum in BAD condition. The distance between Momentum 200D with Momentum MA200D going further.

3.Relative Strength Index still move below 50%.

My habit, I would not to buy any stock if Candle Stick still move below moving average 30 and Momentum 200D still under Momentum MA200D. Now I still move out from the stock exchange n wait till my timing.

If you want to buy my suggestion buy Crude Palm Oil Company like ADRO, SGRO, AALI. They are the BEST.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The New Solution of Marketing

Many big company need a new idea of marketing strategy. Usually they promote their product or name from newspaper, television, poster, billboard and internet (like facebook, twitter, etc). But have you ever think to promote your product with the new idea. If follow different marketing strategy your company will get better from your competitor. It called mobile marketing.

Today everyone use a mobile phone and they love, read and send text messaging. With this marketing not need to spending a lot of money. Just send a message to everyone. You can spread mobile coupons When I surfing through the internet, I found that Cellit Mobile Marketing and House4Cell.

They offer a great solution to promote your product. Through this can help to create marketing campaign. Just need to create shortcodes. It is a unique five digits number like 55.555 (that’s used on American Idol). Along with the era of mellenium, this opens the opportunity for parties to expand the reach of consumers through mobile marketing. Try to see leading companies and organizations such as Coca Cola, HSBC, Nestle, all organizations and the company has expanded its marketing reach through mobile system, thus increasing their consumer and includes all circles throughout the world. It would expand the reach of your marketing and increase consumer opportunities for your company.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Window Visor

Have you ever driven in a state of heavy rain and high winds, you need window visor. It like side window deflector that can help you keep the fresh air come from the outside. Fresh air can keep into your car while still raining. Choose the stylish and cool rain guards for your car. It can be used to cut down the airstream and raindrops. With this thing car will get more fashionable.

The most important think it can be lowered to help block light from the sun entering through the wind deflector.

Recently I bought a wind deflector for our family car and I would say it really is useful. The reason why I got a window deflector is that I got fed up with the window fogging and also I read some facts that it would keep the interior of the car free of smoke, because my wife is a smoker and I don’t like to cigarette smell and smoke circulating around the car.

That’s why suggest you all to buy window visor. Check here, it offer a variety of stylish wind deflectors and rain guards designed by the most popular brands for many different vehicle makes and models.

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