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Thursday, October 7, 2010

You Are Not Alone wtih Bad Credit Score

If you think you are alone with your debts, think again. Every person, regardless of economic status or circumstances, is in debt in one way or another. You may have some small debts, like credit cards or financing, or large debt like student loans and mortgages. Either way, debt levels directly affect your credit score. Everyone need credit repair services.

Then, what is the importance of this credit score? Every time you apply for credit, insurance premiums, mortgage loans, or apply for jobs associated with handling finances, then your credit score will be checked.

Credit scores are based on financial history and assets owned now. There are various terms to label this credit score, ranging from the level of credit risk, the FICO score, credit level, or any credit risk score. Credit score is a reference for prospective lenders about the rate of return or the likelihood of someone carrying out its debt payments. If you need free credit score consultant try this

With bad credit score, you may have trouble getting a loan, mortgage, or credit card. If you miss payments or fall into default on the debt, it will be reported to your credit bureau, and as a result, your credit score will fall. Repair your credit effectively is a process with many steps, and unique to each individual. However, one method to improve credit score, which has worked for individuals in many situations, is the consolidation of debt. will help you to Improve & Fix your Credit Score. Visit NOW before its TOO LATE.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

UNTR and ANTM had a good news

President Director of Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) Ito Warsito informed at this time there are two candidates for issuers who signed a preliminary listing of shares. Both prospective issuers are PT megapolitan Development and PT Mitra Indonesia Multifilling. In addition, there is one more company that will be listed, namely PT Martina Berto, Martha Tilaar Group company.

PT United Tractors Tbk (UNTR) remains interested in acquiring coal mining company had previously failed to take even if the targeted company. Company Secretary UNTR Sara K. Loebis in his statement as reported by SINDO, the new company is currently conducting a survey to seek potential coal mining company and the location was still in Kalimantan. It's just that Sara was not willing to reveal more information about the acquisition plan. To be sure the company allocated funds amounting to U.S. $ 75-100 million for the acquisition program of mine.

Production of gold and ferronickel PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTM / Antam) until the end of the third quarter of 2010 is still on target (on track). According to President Director of Antam Alwinsyah Loebis at the Ritz Carlton Pacific Place, Jakarta, Wednesday (06/10), gold production until the end of the third quarter reached 1.95 tons, or about 75 percent of the target of 2.6 tonnes until the end of 2010. Meanwhile ferronickel production was recorded 13.88 thousand tons and was also on target. Production of gold and ferronickel company so far did not interfere with high rainfall.



IHSG IN BIG BULL. Today IHSG reach 3603 point. This afternoon, the shares rise in commodities is still a crutch IHSG Some stocks in the commodity sector into the ranks of top gainers. When IHSG will fall?? It still keep UP. My analysis show that IHSG can not fall to much just a little. It can be touch SUPPORRT I or touch SUPPORT II. Buy when it touch that line.

IHSG technical analysis :

-IHSG has a big volume
-MACD, Relative Strength Index, Momentum line still in BULL CONDITION.

Conclusion, it already overbought watch out for down in the next 2 days. Play fast and have a safe trading.

Stock can you play daily:
1.ADRO buy 2050, sell 2100
2.PGAS buy 3850, sell 3925
3.SGRO buy 2725, sell 2775
4.TINS buy 3100, sell 3200 Read More....